Knock Out Abuse in the Press

"Locals are soaking up the good life at the Ritz-Carlton, too, where restaurant bookings and special-events sales are surging. 'My numbers are up considerably year after year,' says Elizabeth Mullins, vice president and D.C. general manager at the hotel."

"The Ritz sponsors 'Knock Out Abuse,' a females-only auction to support domestic abuse victims that is a symbol of the new D.C.'s charity bacchanalia. At recent auctions one woman contributed $6,000 to the charity to have dinner with former Redskins football star Clinton Portis, and others contributed hundreds of dollars each to climb a stage and strip the shirts off Maryland firemen."
— The Wall Street Journal, 5/31/2013

"For 20 years, Fight night and its sister event, Knock Out Abuse, have thrived by substituting unabashed, outsized rowdiness for low-key political correctness. The November 11 events are poised to once again do what they do well: 2,000 guys at the all-male fundraiser will smoke cigars, watch boxing matches and ogle models half their ages. Their wives and girlfriends will drape themselves in the latest designer duds, hoot and holler a raise a ton of money. Then they all gather for drinking, dancing and flirting. Shocking, really."
— The Washington Post, 9/27/2010