About Our Organization

"With the help of Knock Out Abuse thousands of women and their children can live a life free of violence and full of promise..."

The families of Crossway Community thank you.

Knock Out Abuse Against Women is a Washington, D.C. based organization that for the past 22 years has promoted awareness and raised money to combat domestic abuse. Since 1993, Knock Out Abuse Against Women has raised more than $8.5 million dollars to aid victims of domestic violence through supporting shelters for women and children whose lives have been shattered by abuse, poverty and homelessness.

The bulk of the fundraising for Knock Out Abuse is done through its annual women-only event that includes a charity auction and a night of spectacular entertainment. The event is a very special evening, unlike any other in Washington, where over 800 committed and influential women come together. Our annual gala has earned the reputation as "the hottest ticket in town" and sells out each year.

Knock Out Abuse Against Women has an extensive reach within the Washington, D.C. community and nationally through its corporate, retail and philanthropic relationships. We are not afraid to open the dialogue about the important issue of domestic abuse and continue to find creative ways to both raise money for this issue as well as promote awareness.

In addition to its annual gala Knock Out Abuse Against Women hosts many smaller events and helps in the community throughout the year. Some examples of this include:

Holiday Gift Drive: Knock Out Abuse Against Women collects hundreds of gift to help the women and children living in the shelters we support during the holiday season. Over the past few years we have collected thousands of gifts for women and children through the dedication of our executive committee members as well as our extensive network of corporations, retailers and organizations throughout the city.

Retail Partners: Knock Out Abuse Against Women partners with an array of retailers to host sales with a portion of proceeds benefiting Knock Out Abuse Against Women.

Knock Out Abuse's Commonwealth of Virginia, Certificate in Good Standing